Gulay Semercioglu: Light on Line


Gulay Semerciglu "Light On Line" exhibition at Pi Artworks will run between June 2nd and July18th 2009.
Gulay Semercioglu is an emerging figure of Turkish Contemporary Art Scene. She is represented by Pi Artworks Istanbul since 2005 and by Galerie Kashya Hildebrand in Zurich since 2008. Selected international art fairs she participated this year are Contemporary Istanbul, Art Asia Miami, artparis-Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai, Art HongKong, and Scope Basel in June and her scheduled shows for next year are in Berlin, Zurich and Cologne. Semercioglu lives and works in Istanbul,.
Gulay Semercioglu started as a painter but soon moved towards three-dimensional installations. During the early 1990's, she was known for her large canvases composed of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with geometrical patterns. The artist's early three-dimensional experimentations with plywood also date to this period. Later Semercioglu adapted the horizontal-vertical lines of her geometrical paintings to aluminum and started producing installations.
Semercioglu started to create works of multiple layers of enamel wire stretched on large format wood frames at "Kinetic Line" exhibition in 2006. The exhibit formed around geometrical forms while "Light on Line" exhibition takes its references directly from the nature and transmits fully organic feeling. Forms start off as small as microorganisms, simple leaf forms, mountains, water flows to broad geographical organic formations.
Semercioglu's statement on Light On Line serie is as follows:
I feel that the fluid and curvilinear forms and the soft the lines I have been using in my paintings have a very close relationship with the biomorphic movement of today's architecture.
My organic and soft forms are contradicting with metal effect and cold surface that nature of the material I am using creates. I am bringing traditional and modern, crafts and industrial, feminine and masculine face to face, and having the tension in between these concepts visible.

Installation Views