Pi Artworks is an international contemporary art gallery that nurtures a diverse, cross generational range of artists and fosters global dialogue.

With locations in Istanbul and London, we are uniquely positioned as local in both Eastern and Western hubs, creating a platform for artists that reaches across the globe and allows for cross-continental creative relationships.

 Founded by Jade Turanli, Pi Artworks Istanbul emerged in 1998, with Pi Artworks London, subsequently founded in 2013. This allowed us to create a platform that champions artists globally, and  one where we proudly pursue our representation of artists who are pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.


We create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration between artists from the East and West,  in doing so, we believe we can create a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing our world. At Pi Artworks,  art is a powerful force for positive change and we aim to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.


Pi Artworks is a member of the IGA (International Galleries Alliance) the London Collective, and FRANK: for fair artists pay.