Pi Artworks is a contemporary art gallery that promotes artists and fosters cross-cultural dialogue. With locations in Istanbul and London, we are uniquely positioned to create a bridge between different artistic and cultural communities.


Our Istanbul branch, founded in 1998, has been a key player in the development of the contemporary art scene in Turkey and has helped to create a more diverse and inclusive art world. Our London branch, founded in 2013, has given us a more international reach, enabling us to connect with artists and audiences from different parts of the world.


We showcase works that address the pressing global concerns of our time and promote art that reflects the diversity of our world. We are committed to promoting underrepresented artists from Turkey and the surrounding region, as well as from the UK. Our representation of UK based artists adds to our mission of creating a platform for artists who are pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.


We create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration between artists from different parts of the world, whether they are based in Turkey, the UK, or elsewhere. By showcasing works from different cultures and perspectives, we foster a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing our world.


At Pi Artworks, we believe that art can be a powerful force for positive change. By promoting diverse and challenging art and fostering cross-cultural dialogue, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.


Pi Artworks is a member of IGA (International Galleries Allience) and London Collective.