Gülay Semercioğlu: Erotic Line


Pi Artworks Galatasaray hosts Gülay Semercioğlu "Erotic Line" exhibition between the dates May 17th  and - July 9th  2011.

Gülay Semercioğlu questions the concepts of body, sex, and privacy at Erotic Line. She makes a subconscious analysis while transferring those images as color, form, texture and light to her works. While presenting the symbols coming from her own background in a minimal expression, she faces off with her improvised sense of body of her past.

Erotic line consists of the works which artist created in the past year. Semercioglu works are created by thousands of screws mounted on the wooden background and kilometers of silver based wires colored to give a sense of eroticism stretched in between.

Graduated from Mimar Sinan University in 1998, Semercioglu has shown presence in many international events and entered in to many private and public collections like Farjam Collection, Centene Holding Collection. Selected shows of  Semercioglu in 2009-10 season include Istanbul Cool - New York LTMH Gallery, Istanbul Next Wave - Berlin, Martin Grapius-Bau (Akademie Der Kunste organization), Mardin Biennial  - Mardin, INStiches - New York LTMH Gallery (Curator: Beth Rudin Dewoody), Kaleidoscope - Zurih Kashya Hildebrand Gallery. Contemporary Istanbul, Art Asia Miami, Art Abu Dhabi, Art Dubai, Art Hong Kong and Scope.

Installation Views