Trained as a painter Gulay Semercioglu creates craft heavy installations, paintings and drawings. Her practice combines diverse materials. The silver core industrial wire has become her signature material. For three decades she has been working with this material that conveys duality: Sculptural and painterly; feminine and masculine; east and west; arts and crafts; ancient and high-tech. 

Born in Istanbul (1968), Semercioglu’s roots goes back to Anatolia. 

Semercioglu researches how traditional visual patterns and visual language shapes our perception. Her practice investigates traditional forms in Islamic and Anatolian art, in ancient civilizations that lived in Anatolia like Seljuk Empire. She is fascinated by these motifs on rugs, kilims, carpets, tiles, architecture and their relationship to Womanhood and family. Semercioglu investigates womanhood in these abstract representations and questions what it means today to the viewer. Patience, repetition, tradition, loyalty, happiness, family, fertility is some of the themes around these motives.