Osman Dinc creates sculptures from steel and glass that sit at the crossroads between Minimalism and Arte Povera. His output alternates between arresting, freestanding, edifices for public spaces, to small sculptures that subtly animate walls. Dinc works predominantly with steel, which he transforms from rigid sheets of primary material into polished, often rhythmic forms with soft, playful, undulating curves. This is primarily guided by his principle interest in creating work with the least possible intervention to his raw material as possible. Dinc minimizes waste and refrains from obscuring the raw material's inherent sense of weight and density. Upon completion, the work is usually treated with nothing more than protective layers of epoxy resin, thus retaining its natural earthy colors.

Dinc, tranforms materials into sculptures vitalizing them, inviting the viewers to a dialogue with his own narratives. The sculptures keep their own essence material, and at the same time they bring nature, culture and technique together. Dinc’s artworks mirror our feelings and thoughts, making possible the appearance of a new connection.