Osman Dinc: Noise


Following on from his solo exhibition Theorem, in which Osman Dinç presented all new sculpture and photography works, Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to announced a special one-month long sound installation project, Noise.

For Dinç, the most integral part of this new project will be the creation of an interactive enviroment with the audience. "Today, we are aware that we exist within a universe where everything is in motion around everything," he explains. "In the 20th century, quantum physices proved that the universe is made up of energy, of vibrations - another aspect of vibration is, of course, is sound. The title of the installation - Noise - also refers to the idea of unproven scientific data. Furthermore, the minimal metal sculptural works which I have worked with throuhgout my career are not as stagnant as they seem - at least to me, and can be seen as very noisy. They have been created in a noisy environment, and are the product of a noisy process within my studio. The time had come for me to question this noise, which has deafened me for years, and takes its inspiration from a talk I gave in front of one of my Instrument Sonor works some 26 years ago in Orleans. Today, it is interesting to be able to prepare such an installation during a time that the surrounding social environment is also very noisy - Noise is a chaotic mass of sound."

"They say that 'all chaos gives birth to harmony - all harmony is pregnant with chaos'. In the case of this installation, it is up to the audience to create harmony out of the noise."

Osman Dinç will exhibit a series of Instrument Sonor works as part of his interactive sound installation project Noise, which will take over the gallery interior, running at Pi Artworks Istanbul from 1 - 29 March 2014.

Installation Views