Ana Cvorovic's installation-based work considers the role of borders and boundaries and the psychological effects of war and migration.


"My installations are an exploration of the psychodynamics of place, specifically in the context of war, migration, socio-economic impoverishment and processes of globalisation. Investigations into psychological and physical shifts as we move from place to place question notions of belonging, structure, identity and freedom. My personal experiences of displacement during the onset of the Yugoslav civil war (1992-1995) continue to inform my practice and its concern with the current rapid formation of global diaspora.


The continuity between our internal and external realities that so powerfully ruptures during the process of forced displacement creates fragmentory experiences and a crisis in identity. This liminal state is what the work often depicts, inviting the viewer to drift between its paradoxical zones of seduction and danger, comfort and confinement, movement and immobility. Taking both personal and historical events as a point of departure, the work repurposes domestic everyday items imbued with notions of childhood, memory and the unconscious. Shifting from intimate areas of tight pictorial detail to immersive spatial interventions, my practice seeks to convey the conflicting experience of our vulnerable human condition." Ana Cvorovic