Cemal Gursel SOYEL: Chapeau!

Vienna based Cemal Gursel Soyels first solo show in Turkey at Pi Artworks. Pi Artworks will be showcasing CHAPEAU! by Cemal Gürsel Soyel from January 12th till February 20th 2010 at Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.
1961 Cyprus born  and Vienna based painter Cemal Gursel Soyel graduated in 1986 from Mimar Sinan Fine arts Academy and has been living and working in Vienna since 1986. Cemal Gürsel Soyel resorts to rather conventional means: Oil paint, paint brush, canvas or paper His first solo show in Turkey he uses various shades of grey and generous brush strokes, highlighted and covered by more or less vivid colorful stains. They create a perception of spatiality and ask the spectators to discover their own associations, impressions and perspectives of color and surface.  
Gürsel concerns himself with traces which people involuntarily leave in cities: advertising posters attached to walls are initially all colorful and shiny; gradually, the colors fade however, people passing by rip off pieces of paper, and the posters are slowly destroyed by the elements. Landscapes of pale patterns, white and grey frazzles and stains thus emerge and constitute works of street art, which goes mostly unnoticed and temporarily captures the fleetingness of urban communication.
Gursels selected solo shows include: 2008 Gallery dieMonopol in Vienna, 2004 Burgenland Austellung im, 2002 Vienna Austellung im Atelier  and 1994 HP Gallery in Cyprus.