Onursal Zırtıl: The Way Out is Through


27/06/2010, 21.00 pm

Pi Artworks is pleased to present a performance by Onursal Zirtil. One night project «The Way Out is Through« will take place on Sunday the 27th of June at 9 pm.

Onursal Zirtil works on building up the ideological structure and the visual identity of an individual, which he calls Antigeist. Antigeist is build up by art, he depends on art. He is not able to act by himself; he can not influence the process of art. «The Way out is Through« explains art as a self-determined force.

'I need a brand new identity. I am inconsistent. Although I reject them today, I am affected by the ideologies of my past. Only a fictive individual with a de-signed intellectual structure can overcome this process. One that has solved all his inner conflicts, one that has answered all the questions as 0's or 1's. One that does not care about average values. One that believes nothing can be known or communicated. One that sees deconstruction as a denial of the ability to know the truth.'  Onursal Zirtil, Istanbul-2010

Onursal Zirtil, young visual artist, born in 1980 in Bartin, Turkey is a senior student at Visual Communication Design Department at Istanbul Bilgi University. Zirtil focuses on generative art, motion graphics, video compositing and audio design. «The Way Out is Through« is his first audio-visual performance. It is composed of two parts. First part is two, four minute projection which shows video sequences based on the concept «float« and of four computer generated still images. Second part is a twenty minute visual show accompanied by an experimental audio performance.

Pi Artworks invites all to Gallery 1 on Bogazkesen Street on the 27th of June at 21.00 pm to the audio-visual performance by Onursal Zirtil.  (0212.293.71.03)

Installation Views