Ayten Turanli: Cobblestones


The exhibition, which consists of 17 different Wall Sculptures, consists of combining 2036 units, which look exactly the same but are completely different, in size 1x1cm and in different heights. The person who watches these works what are called "Fantasy", can establish their own fantasy and perceive it with different interpretations.
The work outside the fantasy series is the same size, but fewer parts come together to form a composition. These works represent a cobblestone, a personality, a life.
All the pieces in the exhibition are monochrome, black; different tones and different temperatures are used to cook different tones. The different shades of black in the works are revealed with this technique. Same material, same technique, same number, but all different. As the artist used in his other exhibitions, the integrity of the multi-pieces come together in this exhibition.

Installation Views