Volkan Aslan : Unstable Repetition


Pi Artworks Tophane hosts Volkan Aslans solo exhibition "Unstable repetition" between the dates September 10th - October 30th, 2011. 

Volkan Aslan constructs "Unstable repetition", through drawings created by using various templates that could serve many different functions.  In this exhibition, Aslan uses these templates to re-construct public and private spaces and to tell stories about the individuals that could live in them.  Re-construction is often inconsistent with the nature of the templates.

Considering that living spaces are designed to meet our general needs, Aslan's drawings  increase the number of repetitions possible for these standardized needs. The repetitive sameness makes the results significantly different.  Just like our efforts to personalize ready-made standard living spaces, Aslan's actions disable the ready-made.

Aslan brought his photographs, templates he used, his drawings and 4 short stories by Pınar Öğünç together in a book called: Unstable repetition template: to use / narrow / straight / we / not. Short stories can be listened to at the exhibition space. Story telling by Serra Yılmaz and Bilgehan Batırberk.

Volkan Aslan graduated from Çukurova University in 2005. Some of his selected exhibitions include: "Floating Volumes" Friese-Hamburg (2010), "Second Exhibition" Arter-Istanbul (2010), "Fasafiso" Cer Modern-Ankara (2010), "When Ideas Become Crime" Depo-Istanbul (2010), "On Produceability" Cologne-Germany (2008), "Save As" Trienale Bovisa Museum-Milan (2008), "Concern" Weimer-Germany (2008), "The Most Curatorial Biennial of The Universe" Apex Art Center-New York (2008). His works will be exhibited at Art Beat Istanbul, Marrakech Art Fair, Contemporary Istanbul, Zoom Miami, Singapore Art Stage, Art Dubai art fairs in the 2011-2012 season.
Volkan Aslan's "Unstable repetition" can be visited from 10:30 to 19:30 except Sundays until 30.10.2011 at Pi Artworks Tophane.

* Book launch will take place Saturday, September 10th, 2011, 22.00 at Kraft Bar, Beyoğlu.     
Dj's: Volkan Aslan, Pınar Öğünç, Vahit Tuna

Installation Views