Turan Aksoy : Dust and Rush


Pi Artworks Galatasaray hosts Turan Aksoy's " Dust and Rush " solo exhibition between the dates November 11'th - December 11th 2011. Aksoy's new exhibition consists of four different groups of installation that questions time versus space.

Dust and Rush consists of paintings, photographs and 3-dimensional works. Departing from chosen places, those works adress our time in means of notions like desire-passion, happiness, freedom, moral-conscience and try to rethink about them. In this exhibition, Turan Aksoy tries to create a collective mind-space departing from his subjective experineces.

Turan Aksoy was born in Erzincan in 1965. He studied painting in Gazi University then did his M.F.A and P.H.D at the University of Central England in U.K. He opened his solo show "Glowing Things" at Pi Artworks in 2010, participated the "Temporary Harassment" exhibition, part of Istanbul 2010 Portable Art Project in 2009.

Installation Views