Tunca Subaşı: Residue


Tunca Subaşı is at Pi Artworks Tophane with his latest solo exhibition, "Residue", between the dates January 5th - February 25th 2012. In this exhibition of his recent works, Subaşı predicts a "residue-esque" impression reproducing photographic images that generate historical memory. 

Specifying the contradictions between social layers and the communal events originated by these contradictions as his main subjects, the artist paints in forms that are figures compared at random without any reference to anything else. Yet the figures used do not appear devoid of context. They are not motionless on the canvas surface, on the contrary, they point to actions going out of the surface. In the content of the subjects the artist emphasizes, it is also possible to read the ironic language created by the socio-political contradictions. Subaşı produces new representations from the documents that remain until now marking a historical conjuncture, snaps these representations off from the realty he refers and converts to an ironic narration.

Printed materials such as bills, banners and posters utilized mainly for propaganda methods and premeditatedly fretted objects are used by the artist while expanding his discourse. In his works, analyzing historical transformations off the canvas surface, Tunca Subaşı reproduces, with stencil and airbrush technique, visual representations that could be catch phrases bearing graphical effects. As much as the "residues" of the language the artist disclosed narrates a holistic scene, each work could also be interpreted in itself as an element of an event.

After his graduation from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Painting, Tunca Subaşı has made the "Floating Slum House" project in 2005 with Guido Casaretto. Following his first solo exhibition at Gallery Artist (Istanbul, 2006), he exhibited "Little Boy" at Sanatorium Art Initiative-Contemporary Art Gallery (Istanbul, 2010). In 2011 he joined in "Raw Cases" exhibition at Siemens Sanat, "Abuse" exhibition at Sanatorium Art Initiative-Contemporary Art Gallery and Poetry Scores Art Invitational at Mad Art Gallery (St. Louis, USA).

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