Horasan: Labyrinth


Horasan is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with his solo exhibition "Labyrinth" between the dates April 5th - May 19th 2012.

"Getting lost, finding, (Rauch), wondering, getting worried, being afraid, (Coffin), facing with, encountering,  to reaching on impasse, tangling, diving into, (Bruyckere), getting out, concentrating, being oneself again, finding oneself, losing oneself, getting in order, (Carthy), defining, believing, losing one's faith, hanging around, regulating, breaking the order, moving forward, back, to right, to left, going without a break, (Barney), thinking, enduring, struggling, (Mühl), shifted, stopping, giving up, (Mapplethorpe), admiring, hating, laughing, thinking, (Cattelan), understanding, ignoring, escaping, (Fabre), breathing, breathlessness, (Richardson), seduced, being harassed, being ashamed ...

In todays's environment, just like each audience, I find myself in a labyrinth with a different act and emotion each time I encounter with a piece of art for the very first time. This is the labyrinth of world of either the artwork or the artist. Within the labyrinth, what do you feel? What is the intencity of your feelings? Where and how these feelings carry you? Take you? The state of questioning this situation is the main theme forming the exhibition Labyrinth.'' Horasan, Istanbul, 2012

The works in "Labyrinth" can be considered as the extention of Horasan's "Crash Series" which he has created in interaction with the works of the artists that he has faced many times during his artistic life.

Graduated from the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics (1986), Horasan exhibited at prestigious institutions locally and internationally including Paristanbul at the Grand Palais in Paris (1990), Turkish Artists Exhibition in New York (1995), the Sharjah Biennial in UAE (1999), Intersecting Times at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (2007), New Horizons, New Works at Istanbul Museum of Modern Art  (2009), Istanbul Next Wave exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin (2009). In 2012 Spring, his works will be exhibited at Art Dubai international art fair by Pi Artworks. He will have a solo show in Beirut in May, 2012. His works are included in many local and international private and corporate collections including Sharjah Museum, Horasan lives and works in Istanbul.

Installation Views