Nejat Satı: State of Mind


Nejat Satı is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with his solo exhibition titled "State of Mind" between the dates October 2nd - November 25th, 2012.


"State of Mind" represents the states of change and caution. The series are in relation to different moods of being. This is also reflected in the exhibition space by small interventions. Even though Satı's works focus on spirituality, they also contain traces of violence; violence with references to the social context rather than the artist's own sentiment. "State of Mind" is in way a diary of what happened these past two years, after Satı's last solo exhibition at Pi Artworks, titled "Hypoglottis in 2010".

"State of Mind" consists of two different series, "Structure" and "Melancholy". The artist addresses two different moods, without feeling the need for a form: The first one is the inevitable transformation of the universe and the second one is the spiritual relationship formed by the overlapping the colors of the state of mind. "Melancholy" series are reflexive works, formed in a totally emotional context, without any associations with the logic or plastic context; sometimes very sharp and vibrant, sometimes harmless and stable. And the colors are the choice of moods. 


Nejat Satı graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2004. He did his solo exhibitions; "Hypoglottis" at Pi Artworks (2010), "Well Done" at Apartment Project, Istanbul and "Agora" in Izmir (2009). Between the years 2010‐2012, the artist took part in a residency program at Borusan Culture and Arts, where he participated in the exhibition titled "New Proposals New Propositions" before. In 2005, he participated in the "Free Kick" exhibition held within the 9th Istanbul Biennial, Hospitality Zone. He has been represented at the important art fairs such as Art Dubai and Contemporary Istanbul. Nejat Satı's works can be seen at the exhibition "Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea" between September 6th‐26th, 2012.

Installation Views