Çınar Eslek: Away From Clarity

Çınar Eslek is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with her solo exhibition "Away from Clarity" between the dates January 10th - February 9th, 2013. 
"Eslek's latest works in recent years mainly emphasize body and space. Without directly employing body and space, the artist engages in a process of production that points out these two concepts.
Çınar Eslek's latest works in the exhibition, Away from Clarity, should be reviewed within the context of fluidity and différance concepts. Employing a fluid material/concept and giving hints neither about the space itself nor about the milk itself, Eslek traces her own representation; in the meantime, just like she did in her previous exhibitions, she creates chronotrope narratives (in that time and space) by addressing the concepts of body and space. Eslek benefits from the fluidity of milk to reflect 'fluidity' and 'being' on the form and reveals indistinct bodies within milk.
Concepts of 'changing', 'being', 'being woman', 'temporality', and 'fluidity' integrate with time-space design and create 'non-places'." Burcu Pelvanoğlu, 2012, Istanbul
"Away From Clarity" comprises of both Çınar Eslek's video works, and photographic works that are produced by overlapping photos of bodies and left-behinds of bodies. The exhibition implies a determination that makes its own multiple connections between turbidity and clarity rather than a designation that favors absolute stability or certainty.
Çınar Eslek graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Painting, in 2006 and completed her masters degree at Marmara University. Eslek participated in "Uncanny Encounters" exhibition at Istanbul Modern in 2011 and the Mardin Biennial in 2010. Eslek has opened four solo exhibitions at Pi Artworks, which are "Besides" (2011), "Therefore" (2010), "Parallel Lands" (2009), "I am Unaware" (2008). She attended an artist residency program in Paris in 2009 and exhibited the artworks she created during her residency for the first time at Proje 4L Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010. The artist has been represented by Pi Artworks since 2005.
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