Nejat Satı: Nefs


Pi Artworks Istanbul is proud to announce Nefs*, an exhibition of new paintings by Nejat Satı. Two years after his last solo show at the gallery, Sati invites the audience back into his own inner universe where light, color and, dynamic abstract shapes form paintings that are open to various interpretations.
Prior to commencing work, Sati mixes acrylic paint with a viscous, quick-drying gel to create his own signature material, which is applied to his canvases by either brush or squeegee. There is inevitably a learning curve to using this alternate medium, filled with unexpected incidents, sometimes welcomed, sometimes not, as he learns how his colors interact and the materials increased transparency affects his outcomes. Due to the semi-transparent nature of his pigmented gel, the artist does not have full control of the painterly process and small bands of underlying color peer through from under the paint that covers them. Nejat Satı has been utilizing this methodology, which he refers to as organic abstraction, for many years, and the series of paintings within this exhibition, also titled Nefs, will take this approach in a new direction as he begins to create flesh-like forms. For Sati, these contrasting layers reflect both the substance and the soul. The striking colors that are layered on top of each other and the color transitions he creates reveal the emotional world; a world which is kept under the curtain of skin. For the artist, the emotions and human desires that reveal themselves all of a sudden and reflect on the body, show themselves within these color transitions.

The world of emotions Sati depicts in the Nefs series are not quiet and monotonous but instead are extremely wavy and live. His paintings contain hidden color and energy that is only partially revealed by the top layer of paint, similar the how our outermost layer of skin only partially reveals the mysteries of the body, soul, and the world of emotions underneath.

Artist and writer Rafet Arslan said on Nejat Satı's new work: "Undoubtedly, Nefs is an adventure in abstract painting -which is not geometric- creating its own forms via depth, texture, and plastic flesh likeness layer by layer. As a painter who was earlier contemplating space through atmosphere, structure, landscape; in his recent more mature attempts, he now materializes the space with the body and his own search regarding the soul." These words also underline how this young artist's practice is sustained and has grown rich through his constantly evolving and experimental approach.

Nejat Satı uses light and color skillfully to create abstract forms that can arouse different feelings in each viewer. This exhibition gives the audience an opportunity to see how Sati has taken his work in new directions as well as witness the maturation process of a young artist.

Nejat Satı's new solo exhibition consisting of his recent works titled Nefs can be visited between the dates November 8th - December 27th, 2014 at Pi Artworks Istanbul.

*The word Nefs is an Arabic word, which refers to " the flesh".

Notes to Editors:

Nejat Satı was born in İzmir in 1982. He graduated from the Fine Art Faculty of Dokuz Eylul University. Satı has had two solo exhibitions at Pi Artworks Istanbul, Turkey (2012 and 2010). In 2014 he had his first solo exhibition outside of Europe at the Yallay Centre, Hong Kong. Group exhibitions he has participated in include Start with Abstraction, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey; The Feeling of Happiness, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2014); Hot Spot Istanbul, Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, Switzerland (2013); Encounters Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea, Araart, Seoul, South Korea; Pi @ Q, Q Contemporary Beirut, Lebanon, Self Portrait, Alanistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, all 2012. Art fair participation includes Contemporary Istanbul and the Marrakech Art Fair. He joined Borusan Artist Residency Program between the years 2010 - 2012.

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