Carys Briggs, Francis Field: fragmentedfragmentfragments


Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to present f r a g m e n t e d f r a g m e n t f r a g m e n t s, an exhibition by Carys Briggs and Francis Field. Curated by Ashlee Conery, the exhibition brings together an immersive installation by London based artist Briggs, and Ocean, a proposition for the first man-made planet designed by London based designer Field.


A film screening will be held on January 12th, 2017, of Ruth Maclennan’s Capital (16 min, 2007) and followed by talk.


f r a g m e n t e d f r a g m e n t f r a g m e n t s begins at the point of escape. A point, where the choice is to innovate and leave in search of new frontiers or survey fragments for familiar patterns to build an environment between home and away. This exhibition does not seek to document the present moment but to guess at the future through the lenses of architecture and the abstract. In 1968 Hans Hollein famously said 'Alles ist Architektur' (Everything is architecture). With this he implied that the process of transforming material - any material - was in fact architecture. Francis Field’s plans for constructing an ocean in space using asteroids as the raw material and the Translunar Lagrange Point (L2) as the site, takes this proposition a step further. At the time of its completion Ocean would be the greatest resource for sustaining human life in outer-space and supporting our further exploration of distance solar systems. It would also be an evolving ecosystem. Its concept inverts the current practice of discovering resources and sustaining them, to making reproductive resources that may evolve beyond our ability to access them.


At present the term 'alien' has expanded in contemporary rhetoric to include those outside our hemisphere as well as those beyond our atmosphere. The borders at which one becomes alien, are liminal spaces where potential and regression, economics and physics, collide. An installation by London based fibre artist Carys Briggs incorporates empirical methods of analysis, laying them over abstract representations in a constructed world of fragments. By reducing familiar forms to vague representations on layers of fabrics, whose textures are both surface and structure, she positions the viewer as a foreigner searching for associations -wandering through an environment that is between memory and discovery.


* This exhibition is supported by LUX, London.

Carys Briggs studied Art and Design at Camberwell College (2007), Textile Design at Central Saint Martins (2010) and got her master's degree from the Royal College of Art in Textile Design (2015). Her recents exhibitions include We do not speak but confine ourselves briefly to the surface, ICA, London (2016); Final Show, Royal College of Art, London (2015); Open Studio Event, Thames Barrier Studios, London (2013); Design and Make, Central Saint Martins, London (2009); and Annual Show, Camberwell College of Art, London (2007).


Francis Field is a designer and strategist working in the field of architecture. His practice investigates the shared root of architecture with the related subjects of optics, painting, fortification, geomancy, time-measurement, astronomy, mechanics, music and mathematics. An alumnus of the Royal College of Art, Field's professional experience includes the studios of designer Thomas Heatherwick, artist Ai Weiwei and architect David Chipperfield. He is a founding member and editor of the new architectural magazine, i.e., and has published work in Blue Print Magazine and The Journal for the British Interplanetary Society.

Installation Views