Matt Golden | Golden Family : Harbours

Golden Family is Natsue Ikeda (b.1976, Hiroshima, Japan) and Matt Golden (b.1974 Salisbury, England) graduates of The Royal Academy of Arts (2007) and Royal College of Art (2005) respectively. This is their second solo exhibition at Pi artworks.

Harbours presents two new series which utilise found framing devices as integral components of the artwork. Their practice, though stylistically diverse, shares an inherent wit and sensitivity to the human condition and the world we inhabit, often interwoven with a personal narrative.

Ladders, (2023) is a collection of old, wooden painter-and-decorator ladders with painted monochrome panels in-filling between the steps. The drips and splashes from their original use imbue the newly painted areas with an added physical, painterly quality. By leaning against the wall, they mimic the fad for repurposing old artefacts, while the shifting hues of the household emulsion colours suggests opportunity, choice and comfort.

In contrast, Roosters, (2022) is a series of antique boxing photographs, housed in small, ornate antique portrait frames, that have been digitally manipulated to leave only one boxer in the ring, seemingly defending themselves from an invisible opponent while under the intense gaze of crowded onlookers. No longer a depiction of competing physical strength, these images present a more psychological scenario, a struggle against an invisible, or perhaps internal foe.

Is the sense of displacement present in the Rooster series the reason we search for traces of comfort or sanctuary within the Ladders? Paired together, these distinct bodies of work can hint towards the antagonistic forces at play within our lives.