Turan Aksoy: Dissymmetrical

Pi Artworks Istanbul is proud to host Turan Aksoy’s new solo show: Dissymmetrical. The artist builds the exhibition around the feeling of human solitude against extraordinary order and usual disorder of the world. Dissymmetrical will run between 14th November and 14th January.


 “What are we against a disorder befriending human solitude..

How slow and how lonely. For a world that doesn’t impose its existence...”



Turan Aksoy’s new solo exhibition Dissymmetrical is based on the feelings of “slowness, stopping to look, waiting”  that the artist thinks he has developed against time in recent years. The exhibition brings to viewers a selection of Aksoy’s works which translate these sensibilities into images of “isolated, desolated and devoiced world”. Stating that time spent in Cyprus island in recent years has contributed to his understanding and interest toward “slowness and loneliness”; Aksoy describes the geography of the island as a place which wisely accompanies his sensibilities with its feelings of loneliness, sadness and disorder. Dissymmetrical, referring to the names of the works in the exhibition, is described by Aksoy as; “Not so romantic memories of adolescence, an asymmetrical time extending with its reflection, looking at a static image for a long time, astonishment originating from fragility and immunity of the world, precious things determining life but abandoned in nowhere, and world leaving us alone with its extraordinary order and usual disorder.”