Turan Aksoy: Dissymmetrical

Pi Artworks Istanbul is proud to present Dissymmetrical by Turan Aksoy. Aksoy assembles his show around the perception of human solitude, delicately balancing and juxtaposing the existing world's order and disorder. Dissymmetrical runs from November 14, 2019 to February 8, 2020.


 “What are we against a disorder befriending human solitude..

How slow and how lonely. For a world that doesn’t impose its existence...”



Turan Aksoy’s new solo exhibition Dissymmetrical draws on the emotions of languidness, curiosity, and lingering that the artist believes he has unquestionably developed in recent years, albeit gradually. The exhibition offers the audience a selection of Aksoy’s works which render these sensibilities into images of an "isolated, desolate and devoid world". Time spent in Cyprus recently has augmented his understanding of and interest in lethargy and seclusion; Aksoy describes the geology of the island as a place which sensibly reinforces his emotions of loneliness, sadness and disorder.Dissymmetrical, referring to the names of the works in the exhibition, is framed by Aksoy as an amalgamation of emotions such as his not so romantic memories of adolescence; an asynchronous moment in time extending its own reflection; beholding a static image for a prolonged period; the bewilderment stemming from the sheer fragility and delicacy of the world; precious objects and possessions that have adorned a life and that are eventually coldly discarded, and the world scorning us with its extraordinary order and constant disorder.