Osman Dinc : Ankara-Istanbul

Osman Dinc’s Ankara-Istanbul exhibition is taking place at Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center, Tek Kubbe from 3rd to 30th of September. The exhibition is an opportunity to discover the international artist’s sculptures and photography works created in Ankara which he remembers as the place of his artistic rebirth.


Living and working in Paris since 1977, Osman Dinc keeps a privileged and warm place in his heart for Ankara for several personal reasons; as a young artist, the artist graduated from Gazi University Painting Department, a Bauhaus-influenced school at its establishment and offering multiple workshops on diverse material and technique. Now, an established artist, Dinc is in constant dialogue with young artists and art collectives in the city. Also, during his short trips to Turkey, Dinc produced his artworks in a studio situated in the center of Ostim Organized Industrial Region since the last twenty-nine years.


Osman Dinc, in addition of his studios in Paris and Orleans, has also a studio in the middle of the Ostim Organized Industrial Region. This 87 km² dystopian industrial area, which has transformed itself into an independent city inside of Ankara, contains more than six thousand industrial workshops, from various fields from electricity to medicine, of small or large scale, some of them highly advanced in technology. While Dinc meets his technical needs for the production of his artworks here, he is of course witnessing a thousand and one forms of metal, from work machine parts to steel bones for medical purpose.