Gulay Semercioglu: Desire to Survive

Pi Artworks Istanbul is delighted to host Gulay Semercioglu and her solo exhibition Desire to Survive, featuring the artist's inedited drawings from the 28th of May to the 29th June, 2019.


Gulay Semercioglu's works have been acquired by major national and international institutionsand collections, including İstanbul Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Semercioglu is known for her colorful metal wire works. It takes her weeks, sometimes months, to create these abstract and minimalist works. They require intricately weaving many kilometers of metal wire around thousands of minuscule screws, carefully placed on wooden surfaces, turning them into magically shimmering pictures.


Semercioglu's characteristic works stand out by virtue of concentration, control and stability. Herapproach, combined with countless repetitions inherent to her technique, transpose into a form of meditation, leading the artist on a journey in the past or to the future, sometimes even into self-dedication, owing to the fact that her personality strongly determines the art works.


When admiring her handcraftsmanship, it becomes apparent that Semercioglu has embracedthe strong creative inheritance of her family's handicraft. Her works clearly exist and reveal hercapacity to combine the tensions between opposites; enveloping the traditional and the modern, the art and the craft, the masculine and feminine, intertwining these dualities by way of weaving.


Desire to Survive showcases Gulay Semercioglu's drawings created in this context, and Pi Artworks is proud to be sharing her latest works with the public for the first time. Drawings from"her kitchen", as Gulay refers to the private quarters of her creative process, will be on show in the gallery. Says Semercioglu: "They constitute my own way of thought." As such, the exhibitionurges viewers to discover a different side of the artist's work.