Gulay Semercioglu: Desire to Survive

Pi Artworks Istanbul is delighted to host Gulay Semercioglu and her solo exhibition Desire to Survive, featuring the artist's inedited drawings from the 29th of May to the 29th June, 2019.


Gulay Semercioglu's works have been acquired by major national and international institutionsand collections, including İstanbul Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Semercioglu is known for her colorful metal wire works. It takes her weeks, sometimes months, to create these abstract and minimalist works. They require intricately weaving many kilometers of metal wire around thousands of minuscule screws, carefully placed on wooden surfaces, turning them into magically shimmering pictures.


Encompassing different periods of her career, the autonomous drawings in the exhibition maintain their connection to the woven metal wire works, without preceding them however; they draw on the ideas she developed about the line. Semercioglu suggested an abstract approach in her drawings, choosing to conform to her wire works. Although the artist pushes the boundaries of abstraction - through detaching the line and the light of her wire works by using the light reflecting element of the metal wire - traditional symbols typifying womanhood, such asher "elibelinde"-motif (hands on hips), remain integral.


Nonetheless, the artist makes no distinction between technique and medium when perceiving the line. Semercioglu sees the line merely as a connection between two points, and the wire as"a tangible line" between two screws. Consequently, she refers to both her sketches and metal wire works as "drawings" and "paintings". Every line has a starting and a finishing point,connecting a beginning and an end, embodying existence as the period between birth and death, and as such the exhibition juxtaposes life as the Desire to Survive.