Trash / Treasure: Trash / Treasure


trash / treasure , born in the A2 in September 1993, is a conversation between Bea T., study of sociology, political science, German, philosophy, doctorate degree in 1993 and Ina T., study of art and design at the Bezalel Academy of Art (Jerusalem), ehibitions in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, Serbia. Since 1999, MOP ART has been the center of Trash/Treasure's artistic output. Investigation into all facets of the material, dust, has led to cooperation with research facilities at home and abroad, including NASA, ESA and the Institute of Planetology at Münster University. Inspired by the sciences, beholden to enchantment, since 1997 Mop Art has given free rein to art in painting, photography, objects and installations. This exhibition showing the HYPE series opens a new chapter in the history of Mop Art. These new pictures speak not only of the magic of dust, but also of the way in which the magic of dust can reach into everyday life thanks to the art trade. Mop Art is becoming self-referential, and its debut is taking place at the Pi Artworks Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul.