Michael Parenti: Without Me


In tribute to Nam - June Paik, Michael Parenti has created an installation piece for the exhibition "benSİZ" (without me) at Addres İstanbul, titled: "paiksiz" (without paik).

Title: Paiksiz (english: "Without Paik")

Media: Installation including a g4 laptop computer in plexiglass case, Digital photo, and a 7 minute original video projected on a semi transparent screen.

Artist: Michael Parenti, 2006

Running Time: 7 Minutes

Camera: Todd Thille.

Audio: "Death is not the end" Der Scheitel, 1996


Paik Nam-june (July 20, 1932 - January 29, 2006) was a South Korean- born American artist, particularly noted for his video art. With work spanning over 40 years, its hard find an artist who contributed more to the cutting edge of video art as it traced a dizzying path through decades of technological advancement to the complexity of artefacts we experience today. Video art is said to have begun when Nam June Paik used his new Sony Portapak to shoot footage of Pope Paul VI's procession through New York City in the autumn of 1965. That same day, across town in a Greenwich Village cafe, Paik played the tapes and (so legend goes) video art was born.