Can Aytekin - Irfan Onurmen - Michael Parenti - Burcu Percin - Seckin Pirim - Gulay Semercioglu: Defornation


"Defornation" (deform + nation) is an unorthodox examination of the dystopias of nations, societies and communities who are losing their character, values and traditions due to corrupted environments - be they geographical, institutional, or psychological. The global trend towards syncretism as a result of the privatization of government, the consolidation of media ownership, the supremacy of multinational corporations and primarily economic standards for "quality of life" are contrasted with the fracturing of memories, innocence and nostalgic longings. The group commit the heresy of "Defornationalism" - which is defined as the examination and deconstraction of competing utopian religious, political and economical orthodoxies, and reforNationalizing (interpreting) them through their choice and mixture of materials, mediums and technique in an attemp to reclaim a commons of ideas for discussion and reflection in what they view as rapidly fragmenting social structures. Defornationalism is an attemp at engaging dialog, not a school of thought. Dogmatism in all its forms - artistic as well as philosophical- is discouraged in favor of openness and choice - the original meaning of "hairesis" in greek. Unification and Ubiquity are rejected in favor of maintaining uniqueness -strength lies in diversity- be it in materials of theme. The message is one of sober hope on the micro level and outrage on the macro level - mirroring the belief that while systems may be spining out of control, an individual' s ability to deconstuct myths enables the retention of unique identitties and beliefs which is necessary in adapting to and coping with rapid change.