Noyes Museum of Art - Stockton University, NJ (USA) 21 January - 9 May 2021 
Noyes Museum of Art - Stockton University, NJ (USA)

Twenty-one acclaimed artists with diverse identities, exhibiting their works - each is a major figure in the international art scene. These artists choose to communicate in this exhibition through digital art.  Each has made an enduring impact on art in their home countries and in the world. This group of artists is being shown together for the first time in a major museum exhibition, curated by artists Suzanne Reese Horvitz and Robert Roesch.


Curators' Statement: Borderless: Digital Practices in Changing Times is inspired by the individual initiatives that artists throughout the world are taking to present their work in the current environment. The artists in the exhibit have close ties to one another. They are from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North and South America. This exhibition will celebrate the borderless alliances we forge. We've exhibited together and find digital and video art a seamless way to communicate our ideas across borders. We have each created new works during these unique times and look forward to sharing this work. The exhibition expresses the extent and diversity of the new visual language and the artists' quest to communicate both with one another and with the world. The artists in this exhibition are creating original, expressive and poetic artwork that we admire. We often hear the phrase "art is a universal language" - digital art allows that language to flow through the Web and across borders to a universal audience.