Maude Maris, ''Carnaire'', Les Ateliers Vortex: Solo Exhibition

Les Atelier Vortex 16 October - 21 November 2020 
Les Atelier Vortex

Maude Maris' solo exhibition can be seen at Les Atelier Vortex, Dijon France.

The exibition will run until 21 November, including a conversation with Germaine Depierre, funeral archeology specialist.



'' […] It was during the day, the fifth one, that everything started to tremble visibly. I started seeing the world the way the paintings invited me to; it might have gone a bit beyond what Maude was hoping to have accomplished. The paintings’ subjects, my belongings, the furniture, and the materials began expanding in the room: their outlines faded but did not quite disappear—my fleeting glances had given them free rein. It was a bit like the inside and the outside of things and beings—myself, the cat—were dissociating and becoming prehensible as a whole and even distinctly. There was no mirror anymore: it had melted, vanished, no reflected gleam stretched across the floor beneath my feet anymore. The thing was its image, its image its equal.” 

Text by writer Amélie Lucas-Gary's invited to the exhibition by Maude Maris (original in French, translated in English by Jeffrey Zuckerman.

Maude Maris, b.1980, Paris, lives and works in Paris, France. Selected recent exhibitions include; Equinoxes (solo), Camille Fournet, Paris (2019); Who Wants to Look at Somebody’s Face?, (solo), Pi Artworks London, UK (2018); Recast, (solo), Espace à Vendre, Nice, France (2018); Souvenirs de Téthys, (solo) Centre d’Art Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars, France (2018); Anatolian Studies (solo), Embac Chateauroux, France (2017); O! Watt up, de Watteau et du Theatre, Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur-Marne, France (2017); A claire-voix (solo), Ville de Thonon-les-Bains, France (2016); Votive (solo), Saint-Ange Residency, VOG, Fontaine, France (2016); Antique Romance, Pi Artworks London, UK (2016); Nemeton (solo), Musée des Beaux-arts, Rennes, France (2015); Along the Cornices, by Christian Aubert, Collector, Paris, France (2014).