Gulay Semercioğlu: Nord Art I International Art Exhibition I Büdelsdorf, Germany

3 June - 8 October 2023 

At the site of the historic iron foundry in Schleswig Holstein, a prestigious international art exhibition NordArt has developed into one of the largest annual contemporary art shows in Europe in less than a quarter of a century. Hundreds of artworks from all over the world will collaborate once more to form a collective narrative that maps the current dreams and concerns of humanity. From 3 June to 8 October 2023, NordArt will host the curated works by 200 artists.

With its foundry halls, Wagenremise (coach house) and expansive sculpture park, the Kunstwerk Carlshütte presents a unique atmosphere which allows intimate contact with the art and, remarkably, leads the works of art into conversation with each other and the visitors. Wolfgang Gramm, the Principal Curator of NordArt sums it up: „Art seeks answers to everything that rouses and touches people, while people seek answers in art.“

Against the background of the world in disarray, it is completely understandable that the paintings and sculptures, photographs and installations don‘t just shed light on personal and social relations and developments, but are carried by the collective desire to uncover the truth, rediscover lost values and bring people together for a better world.

This year, a deeper insight is given into the art of Türkiye. Under the special project Country in Focus 2023, Turkish Pavillion presents works by 17 artists. Kemal Tufan, the curator of the Turkish Pavillion, says: „Türkiye was selected as a country in focus before the terrible earthquake disaster happened. We believe that in this context, the exhibition has gained even more significance. Together, let us rely on the constructive and healing power of art.“