Mehmet Ali Uysal I osman dinc: gözlekesi I group show I ankara, turkey

Fikret otyam art center 14 April - 14 June 2023 
Fikret otyam art center
In order to grasp the reality of the current age, it is necessary to have a clear vision. This view aims at reaching reality itself, both physically and figuratively. While light enables us to perceive the visible reality with all its details, darkness tends to obscure and hide it. At this point, the act of seeing physically is a reflection process that occurs with the reflection of the striking light intensity from inside the eye. The eye provides clarity and clarity with this light reflection. At this point, the phenomenon we call "EYE STAIN" is the colored spots on the retina that have lost their sensitivity to light. After these spots appear, the eye, which loses its clear vision, encounters a certain degree of blurred vision and perception problems. At this point, authoritarian structures that play with the light settings of reality aim to permanently place this ambiguity in the field of view of the individual by constantly changing the ratio of dark and light.
They no longer has to hide to hide the truth and his own faults. The individual turns into an imperfect creature due to the stain formed in his eyes, so that the sovereign power can hide all kinds of lies and deceptions behind this stain placed in the eyes of the masses.
Today, the individual, who is about to lose the roadmap of what reality is between the virtual communication atmosphere and uncertainties, is exposed to the willful manipulations of the authority, while at the same time allowing this sabotage themself.
With this stain that settled on his eye willingly or unknowingly, he has evolved into a flawed structure that he could never fully realize or see the truth, no matter how hard he tried. Metaphorically, with the concept of "EYE STAIN", in order to get rid of this flawed point of view of the masses, the structure of art that reveals the invisible and ambiguous ambiguities, makes them question, deciphers the back side of the visible, and strengthens all the perceptions of the individual by developing it from other aspects is emphasized. Considering that many of them are not even aware of this defect placed in their eyes, “it is to make individuals notice these flawed gazes and seek ways to see reality.