Emre Namyeter: Now I See or Do I


Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to announce Now I See or Do I?, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, installations, and light boxes by Emre Namyeter.

Namyeter creates abstract compositions on wooden panels with his own self-produced paint. Using various pouring techniques directed by his curiosity and experimental approach he generates multi-layered paintings. The careful swirling of colours in the artist’s work is the result of the intuitive movement , the rhythm of his body and the state of his mind during the long production process.

The final products of this process leave the doors of perception open. He is aware of the fact that the way we perceive the world and art is not free from past experiences and that even when looking at the same thing, different viewers see different things. The look of Namyeter’s paintings is not stable, just like the perception of the viewer, and each work appears different under different light conditions.

Now I See or Do I? extends beyond the two-dimensions the artist normally works within, into an interactive installation that hangs from the gallery’s ceiling. While this three dimensional installation is aesthetically in harmony with Namyeter’s paintings, it has been designed to be viewed from every angle and to be perceived differently as the viewer moves through the gallery.

Namyeter's light boxes refers to William Blake's famous expression: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." In them he has manipulated light through the effective placement of mirrors to create an impressive sense of depth that mesmerizes the viewer.

Emre Namyeter, b. 1984. Major exhibitions include Contemporary Istanbul '15, Turkey (2015); 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, USA (2015); Not Now (solo), Çağla Cabaoğlu Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); Spring Show, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA (2013). He studied at Salzburg International Academy of Fine Arts (2010), Academy of Arts University in San Francisco (2012), and University Intermedia (2016, ongoing).

Installation Views