Yusa Yalcintas: Causa Sui


Pi Artworks Istanbul is pleased to announce Yuşa Yalçıntaş's first solo exhibition since the gallery became the artist's primary representation in mid-2015.

Yalçıntaş draws on his investigation into the history of humanity and the belief systems, mythology and behaviours of those within early civilizations. Inspired by this, he creates a fictional place that he gives his audience a peek through his drawings, paintings and installations.

Upon entering Causa Sui, the first works to confront the viewer are Yalçıntaş's charcoal and pencil drawings that depict a series of nearly identical childlike figures and standing in rows in what looks like a stage. Each of Yalçıntaş's compositions includes elements of design akin to theatre stages. These compositions belonging to an unknown period of time more than the stories with a definite beginning and end, present a performance that looks back into the past but also relating it to the contemporary. Each figure appears to be preforming a ritual in a diligent but emotionless manner. Each one of the children has a role within this surreal world Yalçıntaş has created. The spaces and objects he depicts can also be perceived as machines with their own working principles and function within. 

The new series deals with conflicting binaries such as destruction and construction, lightness and darkness. This series comes out of Yalçıntaş's belief in the necessity of contradictions to exist in a society in order for 'balance' to exist and thrive.

The culture, rituals, people and architectural characteristics of the artist's imagined civilization are elaborated on throughout Causa Sui. As a result, the viewer is welcomed to a non-obvious temple constructed by the drawings and installations; merging the spiritual dimension with the material world, the visible and invisible, the power and determination.


Yuşa Yalçıntaş, b. 1985. Major exhibitions include Nevgeneration: Amusement Park, Gallery Nev Ankara, Turkey (2015); Young Collectors, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); by Marcus Graf, Papko Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); Başıbozuk, with C.M. Kösemen and Deniz Üster, The Empire Project, Istanbul, Turkey (2013); Dialog: Art from Turkey, Viennafair, Austria (2012); Borders Orbits 09, Siemes Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey (2011); Helsinki Connection, La Catedral Studios, Dublin, Ireland (2011); Destroy Istanbul, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2011); and Boundaries,Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland (2010). The artist's recent works were exhibited by Pi Artworks at Contemporary Istanbul 2015.

Installation Views