Susan Hefuna: Landscapes

Private Views: 12 October 6-8pm


Pi Artworks London is pleased to present LANDSCAPES by artist Susan Hefuna. LANDSCAPES is a completely new group of works created in 2021. The works will be shown publicly for the first time in London from 12 October to 13 November 2021. The opening of the exhibition LANDSCAPES coincides with London’s Frieze Week.


After Susan Hefuna’s well known signature cityscape and buildings drawing series which are in permanent collections of major museums including Tate Modern, British Museum, Guggenheim NY, Centre Pompidou, Sharjah Art Foundation, in 2021 Susan Hefuna focused on landscapes in which she immerses herself and plays with reflections and perspectives made of paper, ink and thread. Hefuna has never drawn in these breathtaking large-formats.

LANDSCAPES reflect the artist's experiences with light, sun, fog and shapes in the Swiss Alps as well the artist’s very personal, psychological unknown inner landscapes. These extraordinary, fresh works were created at a time of Hefuna’s retreat in nature. Her experiences reflect directly in her new intriguing works.

“In the circle of nature nothing stands still - all is constantly changing. There is no straight line in nature” states Susan Hefuna.

Hefuna’s LANDSCAPES series show hints of lighting in the mountains.  Landscapes are created using cut out paper, layers, stitches, and Egyptian ink. While cut out paper shapes the composition, layering creates translucent depth.The fascination and the secrets of Susan Hefuna's Landscapes pull the viewer under its spell.

LANDSCAPES will run from 12 October until 13 November 2021, Tuesday - Saturday, 12-6pm or by appointment.

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or or send a what’sapp message to +447718425153.