Susan Hefuna: Thought

Pi Artworks London is delighted to announce Susan Hefuna's solo exhibition 'Thought' as part of London Collective. Launched on 26 June 2020, London Collective brings together 40 of the UK's best commercial galleries to present exhibitions and artists' projects on Vortic Collect, the new extended reality app for the art world.



Susan Hefuna's first ever extended reality solo exhibition "Thought", presents a selection of the artist's internationally acknowledged drawings and a textile work, specially curated for Vortic Collect. "Thought" will remain on view until Saturday 18 July 2020 - download the Vortic Collect app via the App Store to view the exhibition.


Hefuna regards drawing as a cornerstone of her practice and in an ongoing body of work on tracing paper that includes her Buildings and Cityscapes series, presents abstracted images inspired by microscopic molecular and biological-as well as larger architectural-forms. Sometimes suggesting Minimalist grids or the schematic appearance of early computer graphics, the drawings' delicate ink lines constitute a reflection on structure in every sense of the word.


Hefuna has characterised her drawings in general as being especially related to her life and travels, but declines to identify them with particular events or locations. "A drawing has no nationality," she told Flash Art magazine in 2010, "and has no time and space. It is its own universe."

Installation Views