Ana Čvorović: Borders Unfold

Pi Artworks London is proud to present Borders Unfold, the first UK solo show of Sarajevo-born British artist Ana Cvorovic.


Borders Unfold presents the latest expression of Ana Cvorovic's ongoing enquiry migration and displacement. As part of her Arts Council-funded project with the same title, Borders Unfold is the culmination of a year-long exploration of the complex psychological effects of geographic dislocation, particularly within communities from former Yugoslavia displaced during the civil war of the nineties.


'The tone may seem to have changed from abject to upbeat, but that is deceptive. Ana Cvorovic still works consistently in a subtle and sideways manner on the cataclysmic effect of forced movement. As always her work runs alongside the plight of displaced people. At a recent residency at Sculpture Space, Utica, US, the artist collected raw material, such as glass, children’s mattresses and swimming costumes from thrift shops. Each object she brought back, however, shared, and suggested, individually and collectively, the excitement, hope and promise of holiday. The light, fallible pleasure of blowing up a pool inflatable, for instance, pulling on a swimming cap, being somewhere else. But each, second hand, limp, discarded object, originally brought with a perhaps temporary promise of escape, is also a tawdry reminder of sudden shifts, being forced to leave home and becoming the embodiment of loss, unease, and unfulfilled hope.'

Sacha Craddock. September 2019

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