Susan Hefuna: TEXTILES

TEXTILES is Susan Hefuna's seventh solo exhibition with Pi Artworks. Bringing together a curated selection of textile and costume works, TEXTILES showcases new works such as Stand Up (2019) alongside costumes and masks previously used for performances in Dubai, UAE (2008); Mapping Vienna, at the Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria (2010); and Crossroads Stein, in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland (2018).

Hefuna's black dresses are minimalistic cut and style and based on the simplest geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, circles. A few scissor cuts, stitches and darts turn black Egyptian cotton into clothes that only reveal the presence of a body. Instead of patterns or designs, there are letters, words, connected dots and lines, similar to the artist's well known drawings on tracing paper. The clothes and huge bags with letters act as posters, their graffity like words and signs admonishing one to read.

Susan Hefuna brings ethnic influences from her dual Germany and Egyptian heritage and from her journeys around the world. Hefuna works within TEXTILES are inspired by the Swabian-Alemannic carnival which she has great enthusiasm for. The events, which take place in the settlement areas of the Germanic tribes of the traditions of the Swabians and Alemanns mixes in Hefuna's works with her interest for African traditions and her admiration for the Ballets Russes costumes.

Hefuna's work forms intersections between cultures. Her unique garment pieces become moving messages. Hefuna's art works are moving slowly from one point to another through time and space. Patience is beautiful reminds us of ceremonial priest's vestments. Susan Hefuna's message in her textile works is quiet, subtle and at the same time strong: Anta Omri adorning a costume is the title of a song by the famous Egyptian singer Om Kalthoum. You are my Destiny. She - that's each of us.