Abu Dhabi Art : London: In the Round

9 - 11 December 2020

Following a successful 12th edition of Abu Dhabi Art that saw the fair move to a digital format,  Abu Dhabi Art brings its performance section, ‘In the Round’ to Pi Artworks London, deepening its artistic connections to the capital.


Curated by Rose Lejeune, ‘In the Round’ features four new performance works by artists Alice Theobald, Nástio Mosquito, Maitha Abdalla, and Raed Yassin created this year and filmed in 360 degrees in Berlin, London, Abu Dhabi and Lisbon. The works will go on display at Pi Artworks, London from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th December 2020.


Alice Theobald, Ballad of the Simple Women, 2020 

Alice Theobald’s Ballad of the Simple Woman was filmed at The Albany Theatre, Deptford before the second national lockdown.  The work forms part of Theobald’s ongoing exploration into the nature of performance and the desire for authenticity, experimenting with the 360 degrees theatre-in-the-round 


Raed Yassin, Humming in Abandoned Places, 2020 

Raed Yassin’s Humming in Abandoned Places was filmed in the abandoned building that was once Germany’s first lung hospital earlier this Autumn.  The work explores the relentless passing of time, isolation and disconnectedness that we all currently face as we live through the pandemic. 


Nástio Mosquito, They the Them Are We, 2020 

Multimedia artist Nástio Mosquito is known for performances, videos, music and poetry that show an intense commitment to the open-ended potential of language. His new work, They the Them Are We was created in Lisbon by overlaying footage of existing works on top of one another, taking from past performance and music, and, through projecting them creating an arena for expansion. Utilising the full 360 degrees of the camera’s capabilities, and the light of projectors, Mosquito’s actions become reflected back on themselves to make a claustrophobic stage into which he inserts himself back in the centre to create a new action.


Maitha Abdalla, Boudoir, 2020 

Maitha Abdalla’s Boudoir is set in a shell of a building that was once a home and now stands abandoned to the surround desert.  Filmed in the desert in Abu Dhabi, Abdalla’s work explores the notion of sin and the cultural beliefs that dictate behaviours in harsh physical environments. 


‘In the Round’ will be on display Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th December 2020 at Pi Artwork Gallery, 55 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8EG