Nancy Atakan: Weave Braid Attach - Textile Pioneers and Contemporary Expressions

Vasteras KonstMuseum 31 August 2019 - 26 January 2020

This exhibition gather artists who work with textile as material, idea and medium. In this exhibition various generations are placed next to each other – textile pioneers from the mid-20th century are shown in dialogue with contemporary artists. Participating artists: Margareta Hallek, Sten Kauppi, Edna Martin, Kaisa Melanton, Viveka Nygren, Sandra Ikse Bergman, Åsa Norberg, Jennie Sundén, Pia Mauno, Kristina Müntzing and Åsa Norman. Works by Maria Andersson, Nancy Atakan, Skräddare som rebell (Tailor as rebel) and Marcia Harvey Isaksson are shown under shorter time periods during the exhibition.