NEZAKET EKICI I Group Show: We are the flood I Muse Science Museum, Trento, Italy

25 - 26 October 2022 

The first exhibition of WE ARE THE FLOOD addresses different aspects of the Anthropocene through the research of six prominent international artists, including Eugenio Ampudia (Spain), Nezaket Ekici (Turkey/Germany), Elena Lavellés (Spain), Shahar Marcus (Israel), Hans Op de Beeck (Belgium) and Philip Samartzis (Australia). The nine exhibited works  – most of them presented in Italy for the first time – move in the most up-to-date areas of contemporary art through multiple expressive languages, ranging from video art, documentation of performances, living installations and actions, to sound art and the most recent eco-acoustic research. 

The suggestions triggered by works that favour an evocative, highly symbolic approach and refined aesthetic research lead us to reflect, spanning from the icebergs and fragmented ice of the Antarctic to the Negev desert, from water to fire, from hypnotic black gold to the proposal for a paradigm shift that puts life back at the centre, according to a hypothesis of a new "Biocene". 
WE ARE THE FLOOD is a liquid platform on the climate crisis, anthropocenic interactions and ecological transition, a MUSE project conceived and curated by Stefano Cagol to engage the public with the Anthropocene using the language and interpretation of contemporary art.