Ozer Toraman attracts the attention with his portraits, which were developed against imposed parochial identity and gender specific policies. While Toraman is questioning a singularity except dualism of male/female with his figures far from sex-oriented contours, he invites audience to a different point of view by leaving them to their emotions, thoughts and desires:

"I want to attract the attention to imagining with frames which I transpose to my toiles. This is because we can realize in our real life that the image is the design of future and directs life consciously or unconsciously. The image is the own reality inside human. Our reality is where we are in universe of these illusions where only reality and imaginary intertwine. Humans can be happy with - imagining - by their own without get this through someone else. Pain conditions of external reality can be removed with imagines. So that imaging is important! Imaging is to become self-sufficient. It is a satisfying tool which can remove all the crimes. Dreams, imagines and imaginaries are reflections of our emotional world."