Fatma Bucak: Non-Places and the Spaces in Between curated by Ylinka Barotto with Chiara Mannarino

17 October - 6 December 2019

New York, NY - October 9, 2019 - On October 17th, Non-Places and the Spaces in Between opens at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. Following its mission to foster Italian culture in the United States, the exhibition celebrates the Premio New York-a prestigious prize that, since its inception in 2001, is awarded to emerging Italian artists every year. The exhibition features sculptures, installations, and works on paper of eight Italian artists-all previous recipients of the Premio New York-who are united for the very first time: Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Fatma Bucak, Letizia Calori and Violette Maillard, Ludovica Carbotta, Danilo Correale, Marinella Senatore, and Gian Maria Tosatti. 


This exhibition takes as its point of departure the notion of "non places" as defined by anthropologist Marc Augé in his influential text, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthology of Supermodernity, originally published in 1992. The works on view offer unique investigations into the disquieting state of present day society through various interpretations of both existing and fictional individual and collective spaces. In doing so, they offer timely and powerful reflections on notions of identity as shaped by economic and socio-political structures, the alienating state of individualism endorsed by capitalism, and the instability of borders.


The exhibition features works that have never been exhibited before in the United States, such as Andreotta Calo's artist book, Genova-Ventimiglia-Genova (2013); Correale's Fivehundredfortyeight (2015-18); and Senatore's newly commissioned Protest Forms: Memory and Celebration (2019). On opening night, invited by Senatore, pianist and soloist Ivan Dalia will interpret sound, rhythm, and voices of vernacular resistance in a solo musical intervention. Additionally, on November 16, Senatore will direct a collective procession through Cold Spring, NY to celebrate and engage its community. The performance is commissioned by Magazzino Italian Art Foundation. Non-Places and the Spaces in Between is curated by Ylinka Barotto with Chiara Mannarino.