The first thing to catch the viewer's eye in Yusa Yalcintas's charcoal and pencil drawings are the rows of similar children and the unreal depiction of space that make the setting appear like a theatre stage. "Every composition I create is a ritual; a game at the same time" says Yalçıntas. There is no intention to tell a particular story, and he never reveals exactly what is going on, yet every one of the children has a role and function. In each cryptic scenario, these subjects are in on the secret, and know the rules of the game. The space, clothes, positions, indeed every element within the composition is especially designed for the ritual taking place there.



Yusa Yalcintas, b. 1985, Istanbul, lives and works in Istanbul.


Major exhibitions include; Yuka (Solo), Pi Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey (2018); Concealed, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2018); Causa Sui (solo), Pi Artworks, Istanbul, Turkey (2016); Nevgeneration: Amusement Park, Gallery Nev Ankara, Turkey (2015); Young Collectors, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); by Marcus Graf, Papko Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); Basibozuk, with C.M. Kosemen and Deniz Uster, The Empire Project, Istanbul, Turkey (2013); Dialog: Art from Turkey, Viennafair, Austria (2012); Borders Orbits 09, Siemes Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey (2011); Helsinki Connection, La Catedral Studios, Dublin, Ireland (2011); Destroy Istanbul, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2011); and Boundaries, Kuvataideakatemia, Helsinki, Finland (2010).

Yalcintas has been awarded Young Masters Art Prize Overall Winner at the 10th Anniversary edition of Young Masters Art Prize London in 2019.


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